Friday, 17 June 2011

Well It's been more than a year since I last blogged, just before finishing the Newcastle City Library 1st Birthday card and then wishing a Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl, Charlotte.

Even though it feels like I’ve only been on maternity for about a week, iphoto tells a different story!  I’d love to share my trillions of baby photos, but think some Illustration related maternity highlights will have to do... and we all know a picture speaks a 1000 words…

It was interesting handling this at 9 months pregnant but I was delighted to see it finished in the library and I love the book typography.



How many patterns can you fit on a baby I wonder?

Why aren't grown up clothes this happy!

I love this print I did for the “What Are You Like" exhibition At DLI, with Set of Drawers... Charlie's first preview at 3 weeks old.


Another great thing about having a baby, is all the wonderful opportunities to acknowledge my illustration heroes

Eric Carle bedroom and pj's

 Gruffalo cuddles and beautiful picture forget how great all the classic kids books are.

 ...And it's not just the nostalgic classics...this beautiful wee dog toy is wonderful.  I love the mismatching patterned ears.

With this cheeky, wonky look she looks like one of my illustrated characters!

I'm well and truly back to work, illustrating and doing design work for a recipe book and must admit being back in the studio feels like home... But going to pick up Cheeky Charlie for family life at the end of the day feels like heaven.

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