Friday, 24 June 2011

Well I’m getting excited about Set of Drawers new

 group project.  We are making beautiful bunting for the Newcastle Gateshead Bridges

 Festival over the weekend of August 13th and 14th and have

 some great themes to work with.  We’re

 interested in using recycled clothes but we'll not be going with ‘Drawers for the Drawers,’ as i suggested… I found out somebody has already done that!...

We’ll be opting for a more traditional flavour.  My quest for great fabrics to recycle has led me to a great resource for artists in the North East. 

The House of Objects has lots of inspiring items for Children’s workshops an

d collage projects... I'll certainly be joining and getting some fabric!

The Soul Soup recipe book is at the printers and I’m (impatiently) awaiting the proof, so thought I’d put up some of my favourite images that act as bullet points or section headers.

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