Thursday, 6 May 2010

A day in May

OK – so it’s nearly time for the Late Shows (14th & 15th May)- I’ll be pottering about the studio, chatting to people with cake and tea on hand both evenings. The Late Shows will be more like an open day than anything, where as Open Studios we tend to turn the place into a bit of a gallery. There will still be work scattered about but in a more relaxed setting where people can come in, chat to the artists and have a glass of wine.


The Giant birthday card for the City Library is exciting stuff. I’ll be using all kinds of things to put it all together. I’ll be using pages from old books to cover the front and back, because I think the antiquated textures will compliment the beautiful modern feel of the City Librarybuilding. There will be a big birthday cake illustration, which I am currently working on. I’ll be turning books into the typography, so it will be sculptural and in relief.


Yellow Fields have asked me to illustrate a logo for a range of dressings they are bringing out. The illustration is based on a drawing by the chef’s young daughter so it will be very cute and pretty when its finished.


I’ve also got Mark in today, as per usual on Thursdays. Mark is a graphic designer who graduated university in 2009 and is just starting up as a freelancer. He volunteers here once a week to help me out and hopefully get a bit experience. We worked together to on a leaflet for a river Tyne audio walk.  I illustrated a map of Newcastle Quayside and the surrounding area and Mark sorted the layout and the cover page of the leaflet. It seems to work well becauseMark’s a clean designer where as I’m a messy illustrator so the styles compliment and contrast.

Check out Mark’s work here.