Friday, 16 April 2010

Well I’m blogging from my bed as I have a stinking cold…. just heard the ice-cream van but was too slow and groggy to get out of bed- gutted!

In my cold fog I have been working on illustrations for the Tyneside cinema


I’ve loved drawing the 50’s vehicles & clothing and using the 30’s décor of the building.  My friend Ali is a real trainspotter, (yes they exist,) so when I was wondering which train the camera man would have been travelling up and down the country on in 1952 I knew exactly who to ask.  He recommended this lovely video and it really struck home the pride and workmanship involved, and the associated glamour of train travel that you just don’t get on the metro nowadays, young fella me lad! The train of the time was a Gresley A4 (now I’m in the know,) from about 3 minutes in.


I bought some lovely cushions and a bag from the appliqué exhibition at the mushroom works- delicious!  I might have to scan the fabric and use it in an illustration sometime.

 I’m excited about a couple of new projects I’m starting this week – one is to make a giant birthday card to celebrate the first birthday of the City Library…  Lots to figure out– should be a whopper and keep me very busy…it will be on display at the blue box entrance in early June to celebrate one year since the opening but getting started this week before I get too big!!!




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