Friday, 26 March 2010

This week seems to have flown by, probably because I had a couple of days in the Yorkshire Dales and a long weekend.

We stayed in a rather snug and lovely hotel and I was very impressed by the curtains! I Sense a drawing coming on.

It was a sad day yesterday because Lara left the Mushroom Works Studios to go work for the Arts Council…but she brought a few treats to cheer us up.

I gave her this tea pot and cups but it almost killed me to hand it over to her, as I love it so much myself. I have teapot envy.

My new brochure is supposed to be being printed as we speak but yet again I have heard nothing from the printers… I won’t name and shame them but hopefully by next blog I can have a completed one packaged off and ready to send out when I am back from maternity

I noticed this lovely blog by Emma Block…delicious work, am a bit jealous, especially of the stag with birds on his horns!....I wonder how you get a blog looking sexy, with an image banner...may need to investigate.


  1. ooh that is a lovely tea set!

  2. Bethan, i shall invite you round soon to use the beautiful tea set. That picture makes me look like a parrot x

  3. you can find them on your design template i think it's under add a gadget or smthing like that - love your work by the way!