Friday, 12 February 2010

Hello again. Yesterday Mark (who comes in on Thursdays) and I were doing a wee bit of work for Helen, from Zed"Said" who is off to Russia soon...The cow and rabbit characters were made by people in Russia for Oxfam...Could be the start of an exciting book project?!

...Actually I spent much of Monday and Tuesday being unproductive as I was getting excited

(and nervous) for our baby scan on Wednesday. All was well and I was overwhelmed by cuteness at the baby grows we went to look at afterwards. Check out What Kids Want for the lovely patterns and colours …I wish they made clothes my sizes like that.



I love this large-scale piece on card (I did a while ago now) …not just because it features Matt. I think I will have to do a complimentary piece that features ‘beaker’ when he/she is born…

We had a lovely time seeing pirates last Friday and Shoofly are looking to launch the final resource very soon. Thought I'd put up a couple more images for you to see. Anyway over and out, roger fox trot Juliet bravo.

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