Friday, 5 February 2010

Goodbye January Blues

Ok ... So I've been a bit slow on the blogging front, but my new years resolution is to blog blog blog! ...I must just be shy?


I’m so glad it's February, even though it keeps snowing, I feel like January vanished into a puff of pic n' mix and Jane Austin DVD's. It has been so cold and miserable in the 'shroom - an old Weslyan chapel that Joanne and I had to make our own double glazing...


Bubble wraps not pretty, but it stops the draft. Luckily Jo's summery seaside scenes remind us the light nights are coming.

Ok so I did get some work done in January. I had a

commission to draw some children's shoes- so thanks to Millie and Martha for their very cute and well loved first shoes... I have sketchbooks full of shoe ideas and

would love to do some hand printed posters based on them...



I've also been working on an illustrated map that is driving me slightly mad favourite bit is the fishy river ...but it has a long way to go before its functional!

Just Starting to think about the 'Home Sweet Home' exhibition, as I'd like to continue with my love food collages...thinking about boiled eggs as lovely subject matter...

...But Liam has been in and distracting me being silly and I can't work out if he has shrunk (even more) or if a loo roll has grown?


Set of Drawers (my illustration gang) are going to see the results of our pirate labour tonight at shoofly - I can't wait to see how all our work looks together and to see it wiggle and here the poems. The narrator is brilliant- hopefully I'll link it soon if I'm allowed. But will put some photos up next week.

Over and out.

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